Ashley George

Daycare Assistant Manager

Ashley started training dogs at a young age as a volunteer at Animal Rescue Force of South Florida (ARF), where she helped prepare dogs for adoption. Her family relies on her animal skills heavily as she was the trainer, and the go to person when it comes to animal questions.

She is certified in grooming, pet hygiene, pet education and pet CPR. She has studied animal welfare and dog cognition, and is an avid student of canine behavior. She has taken classes in graphic design and pet entrepreneurship.

Ashley plays a major role at All Dawgs. Whenever you have a chance visit any of our social media sites to see the awesome photographs Ashley captures in our dawgie daycare. Being the Assistant Manager Ashley gets the chance to work with every dog that comes into our dawgie daycare. Her main priority is to make sure the dogs have fun, and progress in their training. All while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

Ashley and her dog Lalo (a male Border Collie/American Eskimo) enjoy hiking and cuddling in bed with their cat companions. She also enjoys making art and spending time with her loved ones.