Daycare Greeters

All Dawgs Training Services & Daycare “employs” several neutral dogs in various aspects of training and daycare. “neutral dog” – a rare breed of canines who are non-reactive, no matter what another dog does, and is able to read canine body language with exceptional precision. Only about one out of 50 dogs is neutral, and it seems to be a selective trait that Mother Nature endows them with at birth.  Two of them are Eagle and Baloo — both of which work in our Dawgie Daycare as the new dog Daycare Greeters.


EagleHoneylake Two Under Par BN, RAE, CGCA, THDA, TDIAOV, TT, ITD

As All Dawgs’ official Daycare Greeter, Diane’s Golden Retriever Eagle welcomes all new dogs who come to our Daycare. Eagle meets them on-leash to see if the new dog will integrate into the daycare pack. If Eagle shakes off, that means he’s literally shaken off the stress of meeting a new dog: a good sign. Next, Eagle performs a play-bow, basically saying to the other dog, “Hey, I wanna play – do you wanna play with me?” If the other dog accepts Eagle’s play invitation, that indicates she’ll integrate well into a Daycare pack, so she gets to meet the other dogs who’ll become her new playmates.  With his sharp “Eagle Eye” for canine behavior, Eagle can spot which Daycare candidates will successfully assimilate into a pack of other dogs.

In addition to being All Dawgs’ Daycare Greeter, Eagle (along with his siblings Skye, Duncan and Rory) is also a demo dog in our classes – and a kind of Assistant Trainer who works alongside our human trainers. He does things they simply can’t because he can help other dogs learn from a dog’s unique perspective. In 2008, at the tender age of 18 months, Eagle also started assisting Diane in her Dawg-to-Dawg Aggression private training sessions, but retired from that demanding position in 2014. He also recently completed his 150th therapy dog visit, helping people in nursing homes and hospitals feel happier and healthier, and earned his Rally Advanced Excellent title.



Arundel Mittelhorn’s Elsie’s Bear
More commonly known as Baloo is the Dawgie Daycare Greeter-in-Training, as well as one of the neutral dogs that assists in our Reactive Rover classes. Baloo was born April 28, 2015, and has been assisting his owner, Melissa Halloran, in classes since he graduated his Puppy Dawgs class in August 2015. When Melissa became the Daycare Manager in October 2015, Baloo began assisting Eagle with testing in dogs who hope to join one of our Dawgie Daycare packs, but as a Bernese Mountain Dog, Baloo quickly outgrew the daycare he was welcoming dogs into.  July 7, 2016, the Giant Dawg Daycare opened, allowing Baloo the opportunity to play with his friends who, like Baloo, are over 80 pounds.
Baloo lives with Belgian Malinois mix Firefly, along with Eclectus parrots Jack and Calypso, and Cockatiels Mickey, Luna, and Pearly Jam.  When he’s not playing with the daycare dogs, he loves to hike and swim, especially when he gets to do so with his best friend Rory, owned by All Dawgs owner Diane Blackman.