Daycare Techs

Our Daycare Tech are a vital part of our daycare. They keep our daycare rooms clean and safe giving our clients’ dogs the best daycare experience in the Capital District!

Angela Rainbolt 

Angela previously worked at Bath Fitter where she served as a Customer Service Phone Representative.

While Angela has a work back ground in the Hair Industry. She has a natural knack when it comes to dogs. It can be seen throughout her day to day interactions with the dogs that come into our dawgie daycare.

Angela has two dogs. Unfortunately,  one of Angela’s dog recently just passed. Lizzie a Catahoula mix, Lizzie was 14 years old an lived a very good life.  Her other dog’s

name is Sasha. Sasha is a 2 years old Shih Tzu. Lizzie will be missed dearly, but helping Angela cope is each and every dog that attends our dawgie daycare.

When Angela is not at work she spends her time with her two beautiful little girls.



Marissa Russo 

Marissa is one of our wonderful Daycare Technicians who helps all of our Daycare Dawgies to enjoy fun and safe play in a clean setting! She helps set up the daycare rooms in the morning, and makes sure the equipment and dog toys are sanitized each day.

Previously Marissa worked as a front desk Associate at Planet Fitness, where she checked in guests, gave tours, signed up new clients and cleaned equipment. Marissa has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, specializing in Magazine Journalism from SUNY Plattsburgh. She has impeccable attention to detail!

Marissa really enjoys getting to know the dogs she meets at daycare and loves that each one has their own personality. She loves working with the staff, that feels more like family! Marissa has a 15 month old Lab/Pitbull named Delilah, a 7 year old Golden Retriever named Hannah, and also a 6 year old Pyrenees Mix named Charlotte! In her spare time, she loves to write, play baseball, go paddle boarding, and loves live music!

Next time you see Marissa at All Dawgs, make sure to say hello to her!