Ashley Mainville


Ashley’s experience with dog training began on a personal level; after adopting a one-year-old female Lab mix who was not properly socialized as a puppy, and therefore became reactive. Since then, Ashley has worked with Brownie to successfully reduce her fearful and aggressive behavior. In the process, she learned practical lessons in preventing aggressive behavior that she teaches to students as an Assistant Trainer in All Dawgs’ Reactive Rover class.

Ashley also uses her experience training an unsocialized dog to help students in similar situations who take our Puppy Dawgs and Apprentice Dawgs classes. Since her days as an Assistant Instructor, she has grown as a dog trainer and now also helps students get their dogs ready to visit hospitals, schools, and other facilities in our Theray Dawg prep class.

Ashley joined the All Dawgs’ team in has a Bachelor of Science degree in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting from the College of Saint Rose. Her artistic talents have greatly benefited All Dawgs on several projects- including the creation of our new and improved logo!