Assistant Instructors

Our Assistant Instructors help give our clients a great experience in our group classes and events! We don’t know what we’d do without them!

Chris Kelly 

Chris is no stranger to teaching. In addition to helping our clients train their dogs in the evenings, she is a Professor and Supervisor of Recreation and Athletics at Hudson Valley Community College.  

With her level of commitment, it’s no surprise that she has such well trained dogs like her rabbit-hunting beagle, Belle, German Shepherd running -companion, Fritzi, and therapy-certified Labrador Retriever, Winter.

Chris finds the interactions with owners, and their pets to be the most enjoyable aspect of working at All Dawgs- seeing them grow and change together for their ultimate well-being. Chris is also pet first aid certified.



Sarah Offenbach 

Sarah Offenbach is not only one of our Instructors but she also is involved in our pet sitting service, and boarding school service.

Sarah currently works full time at the University of Albany. Where she works in the Office of Career an Professional Development. Sarah has a Masters of Science in Higher Education and Student Affairs. She has her Bachelors in English and Sociology.

Sarah enjoys playing a pivotal role in the lives of dog owners in the Capital Region. She believes that the help we bring will in turn keep dogs off the streets an out of shelters. Sarah enjoys seeing the tremendous progress, and growth that owners and their pets develop after leaving All Dawgs Training.

Sarah has a 14 yea old cattle dog named Grace. In her free time she enjoys photography, hiking, writing and using her creativity for other projects.



Carmela Carver 

Before coming to All Dawgs Carmela worked at Marlene Wager where she was an Assistant Instructor. She helped teach, and assisted clients with exercises and lessons during classes.

Carmela has two Black Labrador Retrievers  and one Cavalier King Charles. While she has a true passion for training dogs Carmela loves helping people develop a bond and concrete training with their furry friend.

Carmela enjoys playing the piano, reading and going to yoga.