Maggie Devenpeck



Maggie graduated from the Animal Behavior College in 2011 and has been training dogs professionally ever since. She began working at All Dawgs in 2015 as an Assistant Instructor in many of our classes and a Boarding School trainer. Now, as a full Instructor, she teaches Who’s Walking Who, Agility for Fun, Master Dawgs and Therapy Dawg Prep classes. Maggie was the General Manager of Pet Lodge’s Albany and Glenville locations from 2013 to 2015. Maggie is also one of our great petsitter in our Home DawgCare service.

Having a passion for dogs since childhood, Maggie started walking dogs as a volunteer at the Mohawk and Hudson River Humane Society when she was just eight years old. In 2012, she volunteered her dog training skills at Glen Highland Farm-Sweet Border Collie Rescue in Oneonta. She especially enjoys the challenge of working with hard-to-handle dogs. That includes her Border Collie, Jack, who she adopted as a puppy in 2008. As “a one-dog demolition crew,” Maggie credits Jack as the inspiration for enhancing her training and handling skills.

Maggie also enjoys practicing Agility with Jack and her other Border Collie, Ruckus, and hopes to start competing in trials by 2017. As the “neutral” dog in her pack, Ruckus is great with kids and working to earn his Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications. Rhapps is the third member of Maggie’s Border Collie companion family. He’s still too young for agility, but is already “a little spitfire” who may prove too high-energy to be a Therapy Dog. Otherwise, Maggie and her pups like hiking, biking, swimming, playing fetch and partying at dog-friendly social events.