Dawg Boarding School

All Dawgs a-Board – for our exclusive Board & Train Boarding School, that is! In this two-to-six-week immersion-learning program, your dog lives 24/7 with your dog’s Boarding School instructor.  She’ll use her extensive expertise to give your dog the core training that is the foundation of great lifelong behavior – and give you the easygoing, responsive, family-friendly pet every pet-loving family dreams of!

Service Covers:

Boarding School covers a range of skills & behaviors with these length-based packages:

  • Two-week Primary School program: leash manners including foundations of loose leash walking; basic commands like sit, down, come and wait for food and at doorways; crate training; and problem-solving (e.g., jumping up on people, counter-surfing, etc.)
  • Three-week Intermediate School program: all skills from two-week program, plus wait at doorways and other thresholds; go to bed;  and more complex problem-solving (e.g., excessive barking)
  • Four-week Prep School program: all skills from three-week program, plus recall from longer distances with sit-stay and down-stay; sitting calmly for nail-trims; and super-fun tricks that are actually training exercises
  • Six-week Collegiate Program: all skills from four-week program, plus getting your dog on the road to being a housetrained dog!
  • Add in options for our for our Dawgie Daycare while they are in Boarding School for exercise, socialization and fun as well as early drop-off or late pick-up!

All packages include:

  • Our Dawgie Daycare for socialization and playtime  each week
  • up to 90-minute transfer lesson at the end of their program in which your instructor teaches you & your family everything you need to know to maintain and strengthen your dog’s improved manners
  • One one-hour follow-up lesson approximately one month after your dog’s stay ends to make sure you are still on the right path!

Service Info:

Who: Busy people who don’t have time or energy for dog training, and want the convenience of having a professional take charge; also tailored to people whose physical limitations make dog training prohibitively difficult

Where:  In the home of All Dawgs’ Boarding School instructors

When: An intensive two-to-six week mini-semester – register today to save your dog’s spot!

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