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Training Tools

  • Elevated Beds

    These beds are a great training tool to add to your dog’s training! Use to teach your dog to not go crazy at the door when somebody rings the door! The sturdy frame is durably constructed from easy-to-clean, furniture grade PVC and has a tough and removable poly-coated nylon cover that is machine washable. The bed assembles in minutes, without the need for glue or tools. And maintenance is a snap — simply brush and hose the bed down to keep it clean and flea-free. Both fabric and pipe have UV protection to help eliminate sun damage.
    Small: 24″L x 18″W x 8″H, for dogs up to 35 lb.
    Medium: 36″L x 24″W x 8″H, for dogs up to 70 lb.
    Large: 48″L x 24″W x 8″H, for dogs up to 100 lb.
    X-Large: 48″L x 36″W x 8″H, for dogs up to 120 lb.



    Small Elevated Beds - $65
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    Medium Elevated Beds - $70
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    Large Elevated Beds - $85
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    X-Large Elevated Beds - $95
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  • Baskerville Ultra Muzzle


    To fit your dog, the muzzle:

    • cannot be longer than your dog’s actual “nose length”. If the muzzle is longer than your dog’s nose length, the muzzle will be in the dog’s line of vision.
    • must be larger than your dog’s “nose circumference.” We recommend between one and three inches larger than your dog’s measurement. If the muzzle is the exact same size as your dog’s nose, the dog won’t be able to pant. It is very important that you give your dog enough room to pant while wearing the muzzle.
    Size Length Width Typical Breeds
    1 2.5 inch 8.5 inch Bichon Frise/Maltese/ Toy Poodle/ Yorkshire Terrier
    2 3 inch 10.5 inch Border Terrier/Mini Poodle/Westie
    3 3 inch 11 inch Beagle/Border Collie/Cocker Spaniel/Standard Poodle
    4 3.5 inch 12 inch Austrialian Cattle Dog/Dalmation/Husky/Staffie/Vizsla
    5 4.5 inch 13.5 inch Golden Retriever/Doberman Pincher/Labrador Retriever/Boxer
    6 5 inch 16 inch Akita/Bull Mastiff/Great Dane/Newfoundland/Rottweiler


    Due to the muzzle shape and size of some breeds, it is not recommended that those breeds use the Ultra Baskerville Muzzle, as it will not fit them correctly. These breeds include: Boston Terrier, Bulldog, King Charles Spaniel, Lhasa Apso, Pekingese, St Bernard, Pug, and the Shih Tzu.

    Please visit ____________ for our video on conditioning your dog to the muzzle.

    Size 1 - $15.00
    Size 2 - $18.25
    Size 3 - $19.50
    Size 4 - $24.75
    Size 5 - $28.50
    Size 6 - $31.00

  • Hot Dog Treats

    Hot Dog Treats

    All Dawgs uses tasty treats as an essential training tool in our dog training classes. But what if you forget to bring treats to class, or don’t have time to prepare any beforehand? Pick up a three-ounce bag of delicious chicken and pork Hot Dog Treats from our store, and your dog will literally be eating out of the palm of your hand!

    Price: $2.75

  • Treat pouch colors

    Treat Pouch

    First rule of dog training: always have treats ready at a moment’s notice – because precisely timing when you give out treats is the golden key to your dog’s training success. Attach our handy treat pouch to your waistband and show you’re proud of your All Dawgs Honor Student!

    Available in yellow, green, or blue denim – see colors

    Price: $20.00

  • Designer Pouches

    Designer Treat Pouches

    Look fabulous sporting this stylish fashion accessory that serves an essential dog training function: giving you easy access to treats whenever your dog does something good. Our designer treat pouches come in a variety of colorful patterns – choose your favorite!

    Price: $20.00

  • Biothane Leashes

    Our Biothane leashes have a similar look and feel to leather, without the maintenance! All leashes come with brass hardware. Leashes come in a variety of colors


  • Braided Leather Leashes

    GREAT for training and showing your dog to his or her finest when in public. These leather leashes will last a long time. Comes in a variety of colors and lengths of either 3 or 4 feet!

    Three Foot Leash $28.25
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    Four Foot Leash $32.50
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  • Training Tab

    Our training tabs are hand braided from 550 parachute cord and are:

    • Easy to grab
    • Great for use in training and off-leash work
    • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • Training Balls

    Our green ball on a rope toys are perfect for use in training as well as general play with your dog. They are extremely durable, yet still squishy, and hold up to even the strongest tuggers.

    Small – 2.75″ diameter
    Medium/Large – 3.5″ diameter

    Small/Med: $12.50
    Large: $15.75

    Small Training Ball $12.50
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    Medium/Large $15.75
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  • Rally Flash Cards

    Don’t find yourself at a Rally trial needing to refresh your memory on how to perform a sign and not having the information! These Rally Flash cards are easy to travel with and laminated and contain the sign and sign descriptions for all AKC Rally levels  – 39 cards in all!


  • Clicker

    Studies have shown dogs have THREE SECONDS to make an association between a cause and effect! A clicker is a great way to mark the behavior and tell your dog he did it right!

    Price: $4.00

  • Martingale Collar

    Martingale Collar

    Is your dog an accomplished escape artist, constantly slipping out of his collar? Martingale collars are designed to keep dogs on-leash by preventing them from backing out. Safer than a choke collar, the Martingale collar fits comfortably around your dog’s neck while giving you more control. All of our martingales come with a second “D” ring to prevent ID tags from getting in the way.

    Available in a variety of colors. Please contact us if you want to specify your color!

    Price: $16.50

    6-8 Inches
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    8-12 inches
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    10-14 inches
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    14-20 inches
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  • Prong Collar

    Prong Collar

    If your dog is an incessant leash-puller, a prong collar may be an effective solution. It helps stop leash pulling by putting pressure on the dog’s neck when she pulls. Prong collars are 100% safe and humane when used properly, but can be misused. That is why we only sell prong collars after a fitting appointment: please contact us to schedule one.

    See before and after using a prong collar with a dog’s loose leash walking

  • Quick Release Prong Collar

    Quick-Release Prong Collar

    Prong collars are also known as “power steering for dogs” because they put you back in the driver’s seat. If your dog is “too big to handle” or you have limited hand strength, then a collar may help. The quick-release model features an easy-to-use clasp for your safety. Because prong collars can be misused, we only sell them after a fitting appointment: please contact us to schedule one.

    See before and after using a prong collar with a dog’s loose leash walking

  • Remote Collar

    Dogtra™ Remote Collar

    A top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art dog training tool with a virtually limitless range of practical training applications. Whether you want to guarantee recall, stop unwanted behaviors, or fine-tune skills your dog has already learned, the Dogtra Remote Collar can shift your dog’s progress into high gear.

    This is the safest, highest-quality electronic collar on the market – and a serious professional training tool that can do more harm than good if misused. We therefore only sell them as part of our Remote Collar Training Package.

    View remote collar recall in action

Informational Resources

  • Canine First Aid Manual

    Handbook: Canine First Aid

    Would you know what to do if your dog were injured, bleeding, choking, poisoned, drowning, or having a seizure? All Dawgs’ Canine First Aid Handbook can tell you, fast – and maybe save his life. This easy-to-search 12-page booklet clearly explains how to treat various physical maladies during those first vital minutes when your dog is most vulnerable. Keep copies at home and in your car for safety!

    Price: $5.00

  • Free dog training resources

    Free Dog Training Handouts

    Want advice on addressing specific behavioral issues? Visit our Resources page to download free dog training tips, how-to articles, training logs, and more!

For All Dog Lovers

  • Raffle Tickets

    Buy raffle tickets for a chance to WIN prizes during our raffle events!


    One ticket for $1
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    Eight (8) tickets for $5
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    25 tickets for $10
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  • Tug Toy

    Our Tug Toys are hand braided by our staff:

    • Perfect when paired with Hot Dog Treats or other treats
    • Great for use for dogs who are active tuggers
    • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • All Dawgs T-shirts

    Dog training is always in fashion and never goes out of style. Take All Dawgs’ T-shirts, for example – they look good whether you’re at the dog park or sashaying down the “dogwalk” like a supermodel! Choose from:

    • Two styles: “All Dawgs Trains Good Dawgs” or “All Dawgs are Happy Dogs”
    • Colors: Lime Green, Pink, Royal Blue and (in limited quantities) Maroon
    • Four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large


    Price: $18.00

    Happy Dogs T-Shirt
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    Good Dogs T-Shirt
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  • All Dawgs Gift Cards

    Give the gift of dog training. Whether your friend just got a new puppy or a family member’s dog could use a refresher course, a gift certificate for All Dawgs classes, private training, daycare or more is a present they’ll actually use and truly appreciate. Our Training Gift Cards are valid for one year, and good toward any All Dawgs’ classes, private lessons, daycare, Boarding School or educational workshops.

    Gift Cards in available for $10, $15, $25, $50 $75, $89, $100, and $178

  • Bumper Magnet

    All Dawgs Car Bumper Magnet

    Show the world you’re proud to have a well-educated dog with this clever car bumper magnet.

    Price: $10